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Geriatrician Wants to Abolish Nursing Homes

212Dr. Bill Thomas  wants to abolish nursing homes, he told Ryan Warner in a Colorado Public Radio interview on May 23, 2014. Why? Dr. Bill Thomas, a nationally known geriatrician, envisions a Green House model, where several homes are clustered together with ten residents living in each home. Each individual resident has their own bedroom and bathroom, complete with their own front doors and doorbells. And, they may help out with the cooking, cleaning and gardening.

Thomas believes older people are much better off living in small group homes rather than in nursing homes. He doesn’t believe that aging baby boomers will tolerate the traditional big institution nursing home model. The feeling of a medical facility is not Continue reading


Senior Care Resources

704The  website has created a blog with grief support and resources for senior care. I want to refer you to their post Your Top Senior Care Resources that includes a list of resources to address the needs of our aging population as well as their families and other caregivers. Their intention is to help those looking for medical information, caregivers to hire, tips to deal with  elderly family members,  finding an advocacy group and even those seeking caregiver jobs.

Here is their list from Your Top Senior Care Resources that has given me permission to share:

Resources – Dedicated to caring for the elderly. Information from home care, alzheimer’s, dementia, arthritis, fitness and more. – An online resource and a wonderful book, Final Years is a collection of stories from people dealing with tough decisions, emotional pain, depression, joy and the family dynamics surrounding old age care. – Online resource for those looking to hire caregivers. Home care, independent living facilities, nursing care, assisted living and more. Search for senior care by city and state as well as browse their list of helpful articles. Continue reading