10 Best Medical Alert Systems for 2019

By | January 23, 2019

Medical alert systems come in the form of electronic necklaces and bracelets to help detect falls. You are connected to an emergency responder in the event of a fall or other accident where you require help. An active device requires you to call for help by pressing a button. Passive devices monitor lack of movement to determine an emergency situation. Here are the top ten medical alert systems according to The Consumer’s Advocate:

  1. Medical Guardian
  2. Bay Alarm Medical
  3. Mobile Help
  4. Life Station
  5. Medical Alert
  6. Phillips Lifeline
  7. Great Call Lively Mobile
  8. Get Safe
  9. ADT
  10. LifeFone

Visit consumersadvocate.org to read reviews for each company and to visit their websites. Then you can decide for yourself which system is best for you or your loved one.

Consumer Affairs also lists its’ Top 10 Best Medical Alert Systems, some which overlap with the above as well as additional systems that are not mentioned above. Be sure to visit their links to learn more.