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“The memoir of a love affair between a woman and her dog…Maggie was a special dog–a beautiful and exuberant black lab who gave years of unconditional love to her owner Kairns. Throughout their years together, Maggie taught Kairns much about the emotional intelligence of animals and the importance of trusting one’s intuition when caring for a pet…
Kairns offers a tantalizing glimpse into the possibility that her bond with Maggie was so deep that she had prophetic dreams in which she predicted…an undiagnosed cancer…
Tenderhearted and sincere…” –Kirkus Reviews, September 3, 2008

Maggie Dawn Stairs older 12-10-09“Boulder author Dawn Kairns’ latest book, MAGGIE The Dog Who Changed My Life, seeks to show the unconditional love animals are capable of giving to their human counterparts. She tells the story of her Labrador Retriever, Maggie, and their deep, emotional, and spiritual bond, which surpasses expectations and teaches Kairns more about dogs than she ever knew. MAGGIE raises questions about life and beliefs and demonstrates the canine ability to sense human thoughts and feelings, weaving the two species together in a tight bond. Kairns has not only written a pet memoir, but one that aims to bring the reader to a higher level of thinking about our four-legged friends.” –Jill Brodsky, Rocky Mountain Pet Tails Magazine, October, 2008

MAGGIE a must read for every pet lover …”–Joyce Laabs, The Lakeland Times, September 26, 2008

“A personal journey of love and friendship … sweet and heartwarming … the spiritual connect that humans share with their pets … grief at the loss of a cherished pet … indeed a life-changing experience …”
—Dogs and Pups Magazine, India

“… Excellent information on how diet and environment … influence our pets’ health … an inspiration … shows … how deep the connection between humans and animals.” —NOVA Dog Magazine

MAGGIE The Dog Who Changed My Life by Dawn Kairns is a book for both animal lovers and for spiritual seekers. It is a deeply personal and revealing journey by the author, whose dog aided her and was her constant companion in good times and difficult struggles with family and work. With the dog as her loving and faithful companion and strength, Dawn and her family came through tough times into new awareness, growth, and self discovery. Maggie apparently could understand her feelings, read her thoughts, and foresee and warn about future events, connecting through Dawn’s dreams. It is a book that makes you laugh and cry and also gives amazement and wonder about how much our pets really know. How vast are our spirits, both humans’ and “dumb” animals’? And are we fully conscious of how vast this awareness is and what it can do in our lives?
The author’s black lab, Maggie, helped Kairns find her place in the world, both personally and professionally. Through her relationship with Maggie, whom she calls her once in a lifetime dog, Kairns learns that dogs are intelligent, emotional beings that can sense our thoughts. The depth of their bond opens a surprising door for the author to trust her intuition over intellect, and to respect the messages that can be communicated through dreams. Kairns takes readers on her journey to discover what’s really best for our pets when it come to pet food. Pet guardians who have experienced the profound sense of loss that comes with losing their own cherished pets will find a kindred spirit in this book.” –Bonnie Neeley, Real Travel Adventures Magazine

“I come to appreciate that animals are here on our planet for humans. As Maggie did for me, dogs bring us into the present, to find joy in the moment as they do, and to love unconditionally. Even as their bodies begin to fail, they find joy as Maggie did almost to her last day….In a failing economy, with people losing work and homes, many of us look to our best friends, our canines, for sustenance, calm, and love. Dawn Kairns does exactly this in her charming and heartfelt memoir, Maggie The Dog Who Changed My Life … The memoir is also wise, as Kairns learns a lot about dog health and care during Maggie’s final bout with cancer, which was initially and alarmingly misdiagnosed. Cancer is an epidemic in dogs…The author’s research and knowledge should help readers act better as their dogs medical advocates. The book does not end on a sad note; the author has gained strength and direction from her time with Maggie. MAGGIE will appeal especially to those who love black Labradors, to those who love and are loved by any dog, and to women in middle age …”–Deborah Straw, US Review of Books

“Thank you for writing this wonderful book. As one of the three mental health professionals who have facilitated our Pet Loss Support Group for the past 20+ years … I can only agree with everything you’ve included in your book and would wish everyone could read it.”–Ann Johnson, Human Animal Bond Trust, Inc., Denver area Pet Loss Support Group

“Dawn captures the essence and spirituality of dogs … eloquently gives us her heart by sharing Maggie with all of us … I am a better person for reading their story.”–Barbara Techel, Author of Frankie, the Walk ‘N Roll Dog

“There are many books about special and beloved dogs, but this book goes much deeper than most… The reader is compelled to keep going, to sneak the book to work and get around any obstacle that would prevent one from reading straight through to the end… Dawn’s awakening with regard to Maggie’s health, the quality of her pet food, and the meanings of Dawn’s own dreams is a remarkable part of this story.”–Jenny Pavlovic, 8 State Hurricane Kate