Praise for Final Years

What Reader’s Are Saying about Final Years

I couldn’t put this book down. I would recommend this book to anyone who has aging parents and/or anyone whose parents have died. Both my parents are now deceased. However, reading Dawn’s book made me realize, even more than I intellectually knew, that some of the “crazy” things that happened when my parents were aging and/or dying were not unique to me, my parents, or my siblings. I wish I would have had this wisdom when I was dealing with my father’s sudden death due to a heart attack at age 66 and my mother’s long decline, her stroke, and then her death at 86 years old.
– Sally Schneider

Your story has been a big help. I had been not dealing with my parents situation. Out of site, out of mind. Every time I read a chapter I focused on their current condition. I was just on the internet looking at flights. Thanks for sharing. I’ve never felt so close to someone I don’t really know.
Jeffery Stevenson

Helpful insights into what one might encounter with aging parents.  Also good advice on how to take care of oneself and not take on unwarranted guilt.
– Sue Mallery

The people’s stories, told to the author, were both compelling and, for me, timely. Being faced with my aging parents was one of the most difficult issues I ever dealt with. To hear how other people were also challenged and the variety of ways they dealt with the numerous issues that came up helped greatly and gave me new understanding.  Thank you for this valuable book!!
– T. H. Roll