Endorsements for Maggie

This beautiful memoir pays tribute to Maggie, a special Labrador retriever; shows the depth of the human-canine bond, and illustrates that animals accept, teach and love unconditionally.

“Sincere, sweet and deeply moving. Dogs as special as Maggie come along once-in-a-lifetime. They are gifts. As Maggie did, these angels patiently try to teach us to listen, to ourselves and to the silent language of dogs. Listen.”
—Gigi Moss, Association of Pet Dog Trainers

“Animals play a greater and greater role in our emotional lives, and no one understands this trend better than Dawn Kairns. More than just companion animals, our four-legged loved ones can lead us to a deeper understanding of our place in the world. This story of Dawn and her dog, Maggie, shows us how easily love can cross species’ boundaries.”
—Ethan Watters, author of Crazy Like Us and Urban Tribes

“There is no finer definition of the human animal bond than will be found in the pages of this book. Dawn’s heartwarming story will bring tears to many, and true understanding to all of the importance of animals in our lives. It should be a ‘must read’ for all veterinarians and students to help us understand and appreciate the importance of our profession, both to our patients, and their families.”
—Richard Katz, DVM

When you read MAGGIE, along with learning to live more in the present moment and to tune in to your pet’s communication, you will question the pet food industry and whether your pet’s optimum nutrition is their mission. Are you over-vaccinating your pets? Are health problems a result of that and poor nutrition?

When you read MAGGIE you may also consider trusting rather than doubting your intuition when it comes to your beloved animals. And think twice about your dreams … are there messages in them for you rather than being “just a dream?”

Finally, Dawn validates that the loss of your precious pet can be an even more profound grief than when you lose a human loved one at times.