Training Services & Cost

Private In-Home Dog Training for:

Puppy Manners & Obedience Training

(Learn house training, crate training, how to curb puppy biting, chewing and jumping, socialization & handling, house and leash manners, obedience cues, body language, and preventing resource guarding.)

Basic & Intermediate Manners & Obedience for Adult Dogs

(Acquire skills to focus, sit, down, wait, stay, leave it, come, heel, engage in polite greetings and loose leash walking. We’ll strengthen your dogs response to cues with added distance, distractions, and duration in Intermediate training sessions.)

Behavior Modification

(Overcome fear, stranger-danger, excessive barking, stealing food from counters, chewing, leash pulling, jumping, mouthing, poor recall, leash reactivity)

Individual training session cost: $110 for an in-home 60 minute private training session.

We recommend packages for the best results with your dog. You can purchase your package at your first session:

Package of 4 private sessions: $430.00

Package of 5 private sessions: $535.00

Package of 6 private sessions: $635.00

Service puppy in training, Marshmallow

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