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Dawn Kairns and Maggie the Dog

Ban Puppy Mills

Mainline Animal Rescue (MLAR)

North Penn Puppy Mill Watch (NPPMWATCH)

Service Dogs

Life-changing Companions: how to afford a service dog

Link Between Human and Animal Abuse

Institute for Human Animal Connection (IHAC) at the University of Denver is an internationally recognized center for research and training in the varied facets of human-animal interaction across the lifespan and grounded in evidenced-based practice for implementing diverse and ethically responsible animal-supported educational and therapeutic interventions. They are studying the link between violent behavior to humans and violence to animals.

American Humane Association Since 1877 the American Humane Association has been at the forefront of every major advancement in protecting children, pets and farm animals from abuse and neglect. Today they are also leading the way in understanding human-animal interaction and its role in society.

Pawsitive Connection (PC) is a therapeutic dog training program for Colorado at-risk youth through Freedom Service Dogs. Their “innovative curriculum combines therapeutic group discussions with positive reinforcement based dog training to develop empathy and prosocial skills.” The Pawsitive Connection program “serves youth in a variety of settings ranging from youth in traditional schools that have been targeted by the administration for bullying behavior, all the way up to kids in lockdown facilities within the juvenile justice system.” They also work with youth who have autism spectrum disorders or developmental disabilities, and occasionally groups of adults who would benefit from their program. Contact Marie Giezendanner at [email protected] if you are an  organization interested in participating.

Domestic Violence: Find Shelter for You and Your Pet   

Pets and Women’s Shelters (PAWS)® Program

Ahimsa House List of programs providing shelter for animals/pets of domestic violence victims.

Safe Havens Mapping Project for Pets of Domestic Violence Victims The entities included in this listing either provide sheltering services for the companion animals of domestic violence victims, have a relationship with an entity that does, or provide referrals to such facilities.

Traveling With Your Pet

Pet Friendly Travel Guide Resources for traveling with your pet, including hotels, tips and advice, safety and more. Visit

FIDO Friendly Magazine The Travel Magazine for You and Your Dog. A complete guide to Fido Friendly accommodations across the United States and Canada.

How to Keep Your Pets Safe While DrivingBe sure to familiarize your pet to your car before taking a long trip to help her be comfortable rather than fearful in your car. And check out these important safety tips for having your pet in your car.

Animal Communication

Penolope Smith at Animal Talk. “Have you ever wondered if you could communicate with animals? Is there a way to understand what your dog, cat, horse, and even wild animals are thinking and feeling? You can tap into the universal language of all species through telepathic communication with animals.

Species Link Magazine The Journal of Interspecies Telepathic Communication:
“Read true stories of the amazing results of communicating with animals …You’ll find tested methods to learn and teach interspecies telepathic communication, books and resources, the latest breakthroughs, questions answered by seasoned communicators, a directory of animal communicators …book reviews …” and more.

Boulder Dogs and Open Space

Friends Interested in Dogs and Open Space (FIDOS): believes that humans and their animals can coexist with the natural ecology; supports environmental stewardship and voice and sight access for dogs as public lands are acquired. Believes trail access protects wild areas and brings joy to both dogs and people.

Dog Kennels

The Best Dog Kennels Everything you need to know about dog kennels, including how to choose the best kennel for your dog.

Other Great Websites The website for lab lovers everywhere!