Reader Praise for MAGGIE

“I just finished your book  about Maggie. Loved it. Your writing is wonderfully expressive and I so appreciate the special bond you and Maggie had. We, too, had an exceptional dog, Tasha… I can so relate to your feelings of loss. .. Thanks for writing such a powerful and touching book. I so enjoyed it. “
—Cinda Johnson, Boulder, CO,  July, 2016

“I just finished reading your book and I enjoyed it. I loved the descriptions of Maggie and her wonderful canine way of being Maggie. I lost my pet companion nearly two years ago … WESLEY … he had the same sparkle and zest that your MAGGIE had and connection with me … I felt like I was reading my story throughout your great book. Good job, Dawn, and thanks so much for making Maggie’s time here on this dimension a special one.”

—Tony Yero, Tampa, FL

“I just finished your book about Maggie and it was AMAZING!! My wife and I recently lost our loved dog to cancer … She was oh, so loved. I have never had how I felt about her explained so well as you conveyed in this book. I am a religious person, but have never thought that much about how spiritual animals are …Your book brought me to tears… I am so glad that I came across it and read it. It truly has changed my life, as did Chloe.”
—Austin Kelm, February 2012

“Wonderfully written from your heart. You have clearly articulated something that we all need lessons in: MAGGIE was a great story and a valuable lesson to impart. First, learn HOW to listen to ourselves, and then learn TO listen to ourselves.”
—David Elm, Wardenburg Apothecary, Boulder, CO

“Your book is just simply amazing. It’s so beautiful. You have done such a wonderful job of expressing yourself. It’s such an honor to Maggie and what a help for all of us that love our ‘friends’. Your special book shows what you gleaned following Maggie’s death, and there are so few books about that. Your path toward healing, showing that there is life after such a deep loss makes your book unique.”
—Judith Laird

“I read your book this morning from cover to cover–what an inspiring story–I cried and laughed throughout the wonderful tale of love and ‘finding yourself.’ You are an inspiration. I can relate to many of your journeys…and the connection with your animal teachers. I, too, am drawn to the holistic approach to healthcare and the spiritual aspect of life and our connection to other beings. I also get busy and lose my focus and find magically someone or something draws me back into my own journey for self awareness and truth and my role on this planet. Thank you for being that most recent catalyst!”
—Sue Mallery, Laguna Vista, Texas

“I just finished your book and I have never been more impacted or touched by a book’s content as I was with Maggie’s story.  I find myself still thinking about it hours later and remembering certain parts of the story in detail.”
—Diane Blackwell, August 2012

“What a wonderful tribute to a truly beautiful little being. I hope everyone who is a lover of animals gets a chance to read this book.”
—Neena Swanson

“What a wonderful, beautiful story …So full of HEART and SPIRIT!”
—Barbara Techel, Author of Frankie the Walk ‘N Roll Dog

“Your book is a page-turner. So many scenes remind me of our chocolate lab, Butch, including the expressive eyes that communicate soul to soul.” —Belle Schmidt, Longmont, CO

“Thank you very much for a great read!!!” —Jack, December 30, 2011

“Dawn, I absolutely loved your book.”
—Sandy DeMers, author of Cory’s Story (,December 21, 2011

“I read your incredible book in 2 days with laughter, tears, and more tears! What an amazing, rewarding journey. I really liked the reminder I received from reading Maggie, which is to really love your pet to the fullest, every second, every experience, to be fully in the moment and just embrace them. I was reminded to push when you need to with your pet’s veterinarian–don’t let an expert make you feel like your opinion doesn’t count. I also got that our intuition really is our truth, our guide; and that our dreams can bring us powerful messages.”
 Michelle Heath, Phoenix, AZ

“Thank you for writing MAGGIE. I hope you write another story sometime. I thoroughly enjoyed your book and it brought me to tears many, many times. I feel like I have that kind of bond with one of my dogs…There is nothing like it…”
—Barb Desch, Boulder, CO

Thank you for sharing your life with Maggie with us. I was with you on every page.
—Ellen Mikula, Broomfield, CO

“I just finished MAGGIE. I feel I must read it several times and use it for a reference, too. We lost both of our dogs in April ’08 and May ’09. Your book was really healing for me. Your words describe my feelings of loss in regards to my wonderful Powder.”
—Patty Bakken, Minocqua WI

“Last year I picked up a copy of Marley & Me. I was so moved by this book as my beloved dog of 12 years had started having health issues. I didn’t realize how strong our bond really was or how much time we truly spent together until she was gone. I recently searched for another book similar to Marley & Me and came across your book … I couldn’t put it down. I feel so drawn to you and the way you felt about Maggie … I am learning to tune into my intuition as well … I loved your book … It’s just nice to have someone else out there that understands my connection with my dog and the loss that I feel.”
—Angie Bitz, Parker, CO

“MAGGIE left me with so many feelings – there is so much there – I just loved it and ached with it – great job you did – I so understood that love. I will never live without a dog in my life … or a good book.”
—Connie Gray, Centreville, MD

“I love your book. It’s a book I will pick up over and over again because it will help me throughout my life.”
—Jane Collier, Longmont, CO

“I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. I especially liked the way you told such a loving story and taught all of us along the way. My wish for you is that everyone who reads your book feels the love & intuitiveness that you shared with us.”
—Lou Guy, Golden, CO

“I put your book aside until I had time. I did not put it down until I was done at about 2 am or so!! I really enjoyed it. What a wonderful journey you and Maggie shared. I will be spreading the word to all my dog lover friends and buying some copies as gifts. I especially enjoyed the “dream” parts as I always have vivid dreams that most times do not seem to make sense to me. I think I need to pay more attention to them after reading your book. Wonderful job!”
—Gail Scheeringa, Kewanna, IN

Your book, MAGGIE The Dog Who Changed My Life was there when I picked up the mail on my way to town. I ended up in Walmart’s parking lot until it got too hot in the car to read anymore. I read so much and I know good writing. Your short sentences hold interest so you can’t wait for the next sentence, and your incredibly descriptive words create the image of what you are writing about. It is one of the most written books I’ve ever read.
—Marcy Spiker, Minocqua, WI

“My mom read the introduction, prologue and first chapter of your book. She said she nearly didn’t go to church meetings tonight because she wanted to continue reading. THAT is something for Mom!! She was so excited; she couldn’t stop talking about how good your book was. It’s simply a beautiful book.”
—Karen Bingham, Murfreesboro, TN

“I loved your book, and have already read it twice. Thank so much for sharing your Maggie with the rest of us. I really, really liked it…”
—Linda Miklusak, Gary, IN

“I enjoyed reading your book so much. I thought I was going to do something else the day I began reading it, but I just couldn’t put it down. It’s lovely.”
—Glenda Denham, Boulder, CO